The Great Midwest Water Test

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WHEN: Sunday, August 28
TIME: 1 - 3pm
WHERE: SK Coffee, Vandalia Tower

We know that even at the strongest ratios, the actual coffee extracted during a given brew makes up only a small fraction of the beverage we eventually drink. So what else is going inside of your coffee pot? Is it possible to use simple, knowable variables like hardness, alkalinity, pH and others to predict how a certain source of water will affect a specific type of coffee? Is there such a thing as “water terroir”, and how can we manipulate it to our advantage?

Join us and Tyler Liedman of Impossible Coffee as we explore the extracting effect of 12 water samples from across the Midwest: from the SCA-calibrated water of a Kansas City coffee lab to a public campground well on the shores of Lake Michigan. Building on the work and theories of Water for Coffee authors Chris Hendon and Maxwell Colona-Dashwood, and La Marzocco’s Scott Manley, we’ll discuss the role of naturally occurring minerals in coffee extraction, the effects and limitations of water filtration, and use that framework to taste and discuss the same SK coffee brewed with 12 different waters.

Will we make any new and fantastic scientific discoveries? Probably not. At the very least, we’ll spend an afternoon steeped in coffee nerdery and community, reveling in the many rewards and frustrations that come with exploring the nuances of our favorite drink.