Expand Your Horizons Box Set (3 coffees)

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Every once in a while there is a coffee that transcends the categorization into our 4 flavor categories: Smooth, Sweet, Bold, and Unique. Our Colombian coffee from farmer Tulio Adarme is one such coffee. When pairing Tulio's micro-lot next to a solidly Sweet and solidly Smooth coffee, you are able to see how some coffees can hold characteristics of multiple categories. You will receive 3 x 12oz bags in this box set.

The Coffees...

Colombia, Tulio Adarme (Multiple): With notes of caramel, creamy hazelnut, and bergamot, it's hard to imagine a coffee with a wider net to cast across the profile spectrum.

El Salvador, Juan Pablo Salguero (Sweet): One of the most purely sweet coffees we have sourced. Notes of strawberry cream, berry yogurt, with a feathery light body.

Guatemala, Los Ancestros Collectivo (Smooth): This is a classically nutty and milk chocolatey coffee. Coffee's coffee. Traditional and smooth. Easy drinking.

Watch our tasting video as you taste these coffees. We will walk you through our own profile analysis and sensory experience.