Private Tasting: Finca Gascón 2022 Harvest Selection

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Be part of SK's decision-making for its newest nano-lots!

SK Coffee found a new direct-trade partner in Guatemala: Finca Gascón in Antigua. These producers specialize in experimental processes. We were lucky enough to get in on their 2022 Harvest Selection sample set; many samples we receive are free, however, we paid for these because these coffees are so rare and laborious. You can either buy a ticket to the tasting only OR you can add a 4oz bag of our extremely rare Koji Processed Red Bourbon (Natural).

WHEN: Saturday, July 16 @ 10am - 12pm
WHERE: SK Coffee Roastery (550 Vandalia Street)
COST: $15/tasting only; $35/tasting + Koji Process 4oz bag
LIMIT: 12 people total
WHAT: We will taste 6 coffees from what we received from Finca Gascón, I will do them as pour overs (not cupping). We will evaluate each sample collectively and discuss the processes, experience, and profile. Just bring your palates, imagination, and curiosity.

What is Koji Process: This is a very new process that farmers are experimenting with. And to be honest, we are shocked we even found a farmer doing this and able to sell to us. Basically, this process is where farmers grow koji spores on the coffee cherries. Finca Gascón utilizes water as well, but that's just an intricacy. It doesn't necessarily impart a specific flavor, rather, it enhances the inherent profile of the coffee itself. Absolutely fascinating and something not to miss (we only were able to get 10lb).