Colombia, Finca Bet'el (Spiced Process)

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Spiced Process, Castillo and Bourbon

Region: Colombia, Valle del Cauca

Producer: Finca Bet'el, the Bermúdez family

NotesBakers spice, clove, and cinnamon

Order by Thursday, Jan 21 @ 11pm...only 10 bags available!

This is a very special coffee, directly traded with the  Bermúdez family at their farm, Finca Bet'el.

The spiced process: During the fermentation of the cherries, they add spices to the microbial environment. In addition, the coffee cherries goes through rigorous and exact stages of time and heat during the ferment. It is then depulped and washed like a typical washed coffee, but the spice adds something a little special to the profile!