Camping Coffee Box

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What you get:
  • Featuring a traditional chocolatey coffee, a sweet coffee with light blueberry notes, and fun zesty coffee with a slight piney coolness. Representing the prominent natural aromas found in the Boundary Waters!
  • 3 - 10oz tins full of coffee
  • Collapsable silicone pour over
  • Collapsable hand burr grinder
  • Filters
  • Travel camping bag

Friends of The Boundary Waters is partnering with SK Coffee to deliver the essential camping coffee experience and raise funds for a critical mission to preserve our nation's most visited Wilderness. This box includes everything needed for two people on a 5 day canoeing trip: coffee for weeks, equipment for a lifetime. It was crafted through our experience making countless cups of coffee in the BWCA and maximizes quality while minimizing weight/volume. The assumption is that the buyer has a way to filter and boil water.

The story of the Boundary Waters is the story of individuals coming together to protect this unique place. It wasn't always a wilderness. At one time, most of the Boundary Waters had been logged and exploited for its natural resources. A few recognized the unique beauty of this land. But to become wild again, the Boundary Waters needed people. It needed friends to fight for it. To stay wild, the Boundary Waters needs you. Though the Boundary Waters is officially protected, it faces numerous threats. It needs people like you to help preserve it and keep it wild. Since 1976 the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness has been a leading voice for the ongoing protection, preservation and restoration of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Supporters defend the Boundary Waters against activities that erode its wilderness character and work to ensure that the BWCAW, Superior National Forest and Quetico-Superior ecosystem are managed according to sound ecological principles. Currently, they’re at the frontline in the fight against the copper-sulfide mines that have been proposed at the doorsteps of the Boundary Waters. Through mobilizing citizens and initiating legislative and legal action, they are determined to keep this toxic industry out of Minnesota. They dedicate resources to preserving recreation resources within the wilderness, building conservation capacity in communities surrounding the BWCAW and fostering the next generation of wilderness enthusiasts through volunteer and youth engagement programs.  They believe advocacy is a broad endeavor, and that the future of the wilderness depends on passionate people and introducing the next generation of adventurers into the wilderness.